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Strengthen your installations and improve your bottom line with Ram Seal, Inc. Since 1992, we have been a manufacturer and repairer of mechanical shaft seals. We inventory a wide variety of seal types along with a variety of materials to fit your needs. By utilizing advanced technology, dependable equipment, and quality materials, we provide the right parts and hardware to all of our clients. Count on our team to create your mechanical shaft seals in New Lenox, IL.

At our manufacturing company, we design and deliver products that are built to your requirements. Contact us for more information or to arrange a consultation for custom mechanical seal design. We have the training, skill, and experience to design and manufacture seals in different sizes and shapes, for a variety of purposes.

Shaft Seals

Moving parts, such as pumps and compressors, make use of shafts. These components require seals so that they may work properly. Whether you are designing a new piece of equipment or need to restock your parts inventory, we are here to address your mechanical shaft seal needs. We believe in making quality products that last. To that end, we are always improving our processes and pay attention to the details. As a result, we have an extensive catalog of mechanical shaft seals.

We manufacture shaft seals to a broad range of customers, such as OEMs, defense logistics, and tank automotive command. One of our clients includes the United States Navy. We also supply to the MRO of the same markets.

Mechanical Shaft Seals, New Lenox, IL

Mechanical Seals

The right shaft seals can improve the performance, durability, and longevity of your moving parts. Count on our company to provide spare seals and components when you most need them. We take pride in having a large selection of parts. On top of that, our advanced facility can manufacture orders and deliver them quickly.

Order mechanical shaft seals for domestic and foreign applications from Ram Seal, Inc. Simply select the seals you need, and you'll get them fast. You may customize any order, and you can be confident that our quality, precision craftsmanship will suit your requirements.

We’re dedicated to helping our customers have the right parts when they need them. Our company is a full-service manufacturer and servicer for mechanical seals. Browse our mechanical shaft seal catalog. Our inventory includes seals and springs.

Service You Can Trust

When your shaft-equipped components work as intended, you get to do more and improve your productivity. We’re here to help you complete your mission. We are more than a mechanical shaft seal manufacturer. Our team also provides a variety of shaft seal repair and support services.

Thanks to our experience in assisting professionals in a variety of industries, we have developed a versatile skill set. Our company repairs, rebuilds, and fabricates mechanical shaft seals. From electric motors to water pumps, we can help you locate the right components to complete your project. We’re also experts in our field. If you have trouble arriving at a solution, we’re more than happy to help.

Contact us and request a consultation for our services. We are based in New Lenox, IL, and serve the surrounding area.

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