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We Carry a Large Inventory of Mechanical Shaft Seals in New Lenox, IL

Wherever there is a rotating shaft that has to be sealed off, a special mechanical shaft seal is needed. Every automobile has a water pump, and inside that pump is a mechanical seal. Ram Seal, Inc. is a custom designer and manufacturer of quality mechanical shaft seals in New Lenox, IL, for all types of pumps and compressors, and we sell directly to manufacturers nationwide.

Mechanical Shaft Seals

Let us supply your commonly used single spring face seals. We supply seals to the OEM markets for pump and compressor manufacturers. In the aftermarket, we sell to electric motor and pump shops that specialize in motor and pump repairs. We even supply our components to the US Navy.

Fast & Efficient

You'll get what you need quickly when you work with Ram Seal, Inc. We know you need parts immediately, so we carry a large inventory, including many standard types of seals. Typically supply our products within two to three weeks or sooner.